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For multiple ranked input lists (full or partial) representing the same set of N objects, the package TopKLists offers

  1. statistical inference on the lengths of informative top-k lists

  2. stochastic aggregation of full or partial lists

  3. graphical tools for the statistical exploration of input lists, and for the visualization of aggregation results

Results that can be obtained are a sublist of highly conforming objects in a new rank order, an aggregation map of the top-k objects, or a Venn-diagram of the top-k objects. Typical applications are rank-based data integration and meta-analyses.

The latest stable build can be found on CRAN.

You can find the latest news and the project summary page here.

For a detailed description of the functions provided by the package see the reference manual.

When using TopKLists for the first time it is helpful to make use of reproducible examples, which can be found in the Vignette (comprises the modules TopKInference, TopKSpace, TopKGraphics; the graphical user interface TopKListsGUI is described as well).

Show case

Comparison of miRNA measurementswebsiteR codedata


The TopKLists GUI requires the RGtk2 package, which itself requires an installation of GTK+ version 2.8.0, or higher. If you are experiencing problems with RGtk2/GTK+ installation, please see this website for possible solution.

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